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Eat with Our Eyes

Effective food and hospitality brands today are connecting with current fans (and finding new ones) through social media. Stand-out social media accounts show how awesome you are through crave-able images.

Food photography is an art in itself, requiring an understanding of the principles in play that help us capture that juicy burger, the crisp salad and the creamy fro-yo through the lens.

Contact me to create a custom curriculum that teaches your team how to capture great in-store images and show them how to create content that maximizes your marketing efforts.

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Hi, I’m Joanie!

My varied professional experiences all contribute to a unique qualification for teaching food photography in the hospitality industry.

In 2004, I started working in the field of higher education, responsible for student leader training and ongoing development on several college campuses. Over the course of seven years, from The Juilliard School to Arizona State University, I learned how to effectively teach in a group setting. I always say that since I was able to keep 500 college students engaged at 8am, any other group will be easy in comparison!

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In 2011 I transitioned out of higher education to help out with the family business, a local restaurant point-of-sale distributor. I learned the ins and outs of not only POS but also the hospitality industry, working directly with restaurant operators in a customer service, sales and training capacity.

But, at my core, I’m a creative, and in my spare time I started a food blog. In the process, I fell in love with photography. Eventually, through the connections I had forged in the hospitality industry, local restaurants started to hire me to do their food photography and in 2015 I went full time as a self-employed, freelance food photographer.

My client list today includes clients such as Kraft Foods, La Brea Bread, Coach’s Oats, Nestle Canada, Z Tejas Restaurants, Keeler Hospitality Group, Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises, Traina Foods and Torani.

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In 2017, I brought back my original passion for education by launching The Bite Shot, a food photography education channel on YouTube. 90,000 subscribers (and counting!) engage with me through weekly tutorials and go further in depth through my premium online course offerings.

The path was far from straight, but it’s so gratifying to see how all of my varied professional pursuits now come together in a job for which I’m uniquely, and gratefully, qualified.

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CUSTOM CuRriculum

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Each business is unique and so is the curriculum I create for each client. From workflow considerations, marketing structure, in-store lighting challenges, to the experience level of your team. I cover everything from where to start as a beginner on a cell phone with free editing apps to professional level DSLR/mirrorless camera intensives. I also tailor the training to the size of your group and your unique needs.

To get started customizing your photography training, I begin everything with a conversation. E-mail me to set up a phone call so I can understand your business and what you need.