Need gear to start shooting with flash?  

I have found that people starting out with flash for the first time just want a list of what to buy. They don’t want umpteen bazillion options, because it’s overwhelming. You just want to know what you need to get started, all the parts and pieces in one place.

So, to make it easy, I have created starter “packages” of all the exact gear you’d need for a complete set up based on the kind of camera you’re shooting, your budget and the work you’re doing.

The one big caveat is to double check in terms of the trigger, that your camera is compatible. When you follow the link, check the specs to make sure your model is listed. The triggers are made specifically to work with particular brands. Also, some entry level DSLR cameras or older cameras have limitations.  So, just double check before buying.

The “I’m On A Budget” CANON Shooter ($180 for total package)

The “I’m On a Budget” NIKON Shooter ($180 for total package)

The “I Don’t Have A Huge Budget But I Want Something That Will Last Longer and has more Features” for Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, Fuji. ($320 for total package)

I Shoot Canon and want Canon lights ($865 for total package)

I Shoot Nikon and want Nikon lights  ($605 for total package)

I Want Exactly What YOU have, Joanie  ($971 total package)

Need one on one help with all this and want to learn how to use flash for natural looking food photography?  My online course, Flash for Food Photography, is open for enrollment.  It includes direct access to me for questions in a private Facebook Group just for students.