We’re on a mission to create a positive
impact in the lives of food photographers
around the world.

we believe…

in Abundant Potential which motivates us
to be generous.

Human Connection
is essential and inspires us to foster community.

It’s our Responsibility to take good care of ourselves and others.

Creativity is inherent in all humans and is celebrated in all forms.

Learning is a lifelong pursuit. We seek to serve others through
outstanding learning resources and are actively engaged in
our own personal growth.

Learning is a lifelong pursuit. We seek to serve others through
outstanding learning resources and are actively engaged in
our own personal growth.

our team

Joanie Simon

Owner & Founder
of The Bite Shot

Joanie is the owner and founder of The Bite Shot in addition to being a commercial food photographer, published author, and educator. She specializes in breaking down challenging photography concepts into easy-to-consume educational content.

  • Preferred Camera: Nikon Z7
  • Preferred Lens: 24 – 70mm f2.8
  • Favorite thing to photograph and why: Cupcakes! The way light dances across the swirls of the frosting gets me every time.
  • Fun fact: I was super involved in show choir in high school, just like Glee but in real life. Jazz hands forever!

Rachel Richards

director of operations

Rachel is The Bite Shot’s Director of Operations. She creates, implements, and manages the operational systems and processes used by The Bite Shot. Rachel is also a portrait photographer specializing in taking gorgeous photos of families with small kiddos.

  • Preferred Camera: Canon EOS R6
  • Preferred Lens: 50mm tilt shift
  • Favorite thing to photograph and why: Candid black and white portraits. They’re timeless and especially beautiful with some tilt shift blur!
  • Fun fact: I always carry travel size flake salt in my purse.

Aubree Lemons

Community Manager

Aubree is The Bite Shot’s Community Manager. She defines and implements The Bite Shot’s community engagement strategy to ensure our community is being cared for daily. Aubree also dabbles in food photography!

  • Preferred Camera: Nikon D750
  • Preferred Lens: 105mm
  • Favorite thing to photograph and why: Cupcakes, donuts, cookies. I feel more creative arranging a scene with foods that come in multiples.
  • Fun fact: I LOVE almost every kind of movie! Every year we try to see as many Oscar Nominated movies as possible!

Sara Haas

Social Media Specialist

Sara is The Bite Shot’s Social Media Specialist. She manages the daily operations of The Bite Shot’s social presence. Sara is also a food photographer, registered dietitian, recipe developer, fitness instructor, and published author!

  • Preferred Camera: Canon 5D Mark iv
  • Preferred Lens: 24 – 70mm f2.8
  • Favorite thing to photograph and why: Salads! It’s cliché since I’m a dietitian, but I love all of the colors!
  • Fun fact: I used to be a competitive road bike racer. It started in college when I rode in the Little 500 bike race at Indiana University. I was even on a winning team one year!

Jess Vogl

Business Support Specialist

Jess is The Bite Shot’s Business Support Specialist. She guides The Bite Shot Community members on common business challenges, including pricing, client communication, and marketing. Jess is also a commercial food photographer, recipe developer, and content creator.

  • Preferred Camera: Canon EOS R
  • Preferred Lens: Nifty Fifty is my jam, but my 100mm macro lens is also a thing of beauty!
  • Favorite thing to photograph and why: Anything that doesn’t melt! But seriously, I really like to photograph soup. I love the repetition of the bowls, colors, and toppings—so many ways to play.
  • Fun fact: I’m a former D1 volleyball player and always up for something active.

Liz Voltz

Photography & Lighting Support Specialist

Liz is The Bite Shot’s Photography & Lighting Support Specialist. She advises The Bite Shot Community on troubleshooting camera settings, gear, lighting challenges, shooting tethered, and purchasing new equipment. Liz is also a commercial food photographer and graphic designer specializing in creating graphic, playful food photography.

  • Preferred Camera: Sony A7Rii
  • Preferred Lens: Sigma 105mm f/2.8 Macro
  • Favorite thing to photograph and why: I love taking pictures of drinks the way they sparkle is chef’s kiss. Also, they are typically easier to style than other items, so it’s something I can capture on my own.
  • Fun fact: I have two cats, one of whom is a polydactyl which means she has an extra toe on each of her paws.

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