Helping food photographers learn to create captivating videos

You’re about to turbocharge your ability to tell visual stories and bring a whole new energy to your portfolio.

Increasing your income streams just got a LOT more fun.

Are you a food photographer who wants to:

  • Tell clients, “Yes, I offer video services!”
  • Use your camera for more than just taking still photos
  • Get people to stop and watch when they see one of your videos in their feed

It’s all 100% possible.

Video is HOT

If you’re a food photographer, you know that video is in high demand in all its formats.

GIFs, stop motion, live streams, recipe videos, we’re pushing the boundaries of what’s next!

And maybe you’re like a lot of folks
I know and you have:

  • Convinced yourself that it’s too hard to learn video
  • Tried watching YouTube tutorials that are either 10 steps ahead and you can’t keep up, or so basic you feel like you’re wasting your time
  • Felt sidetracked by all the directions you could go with learning video (SQUIRRELL!!) but still haven’t created a video you’re proud to share
  • Shut down mentally just thinking about learning one more darn software
  • Been worried that your video skills (and gear) won’t reach your level of expectations

How do I know?

Because these are the things I hear from people in our community every day.

They’ve told me they want:

A quick (but thorough) educational path to learning video

An ability to create videos for their portfolio as you’re learning new skills

Lessons that break things down into small, actionable steps with accountability and motivation built-in

A curriculum for people working from home who have limited space and budget for gear

And I feel ya!

In 2016, the VP of Marketing for a big West Coast food brand asked me, “Can you make us a video for our social media?”

Not knowing what I didn’t know, I said, “Yes!” That was both a blessing and a curse.

It was a curse because I delivered a video with weird transitions, inconsistent color, and a complete lack of story, among other issues. I cringe thinking about it. That video did not perform well when they shared it online and they didn’t hire me to make any more videos.

But that moment was also a blessing because it kickstarted my journey into learning and falling in love with video production and editing. It’s also helped me earn hundreds of thousands of dollars from creating videos for clients.

I knew I was capable of figuring out video just like I’d figured out photography. And YOU are, too!

That’s why I created
Food in Motion

Video is here to stay, and it’s an invaluable
tool in today’s world of online media.

What It Is

Food in Motion is a self-paced online course that is built to get you creating your own videos right away. Just like you don’t learn to ride a bike sitting in a lecture, I know that the best way for you to learn is through hands-on experience.

We’re here to fast-track your video education so you can confidently share your work and start making an impact with your videos within a few weeks.

“My husband and I are successfully running our own photography business and we couldn’t have done it without you.”

Rebecca Lang, 32 | Sacramento, CA

“My husband and I are successfully running our own photography business and we couldn’t have done it without you.””My husband and I are successfully running our own photography business and we couldn’t have done it without you.”

Rebecca Lang, 32 | Sacramento, CA

Your Course Curriculum

The bite-sized lessons start with the most essential element of successful videos:


Once you have your story developed, I’ll layer on the technical elements and then take you through my full process of video creation, from initial concept to final delivery.





Storytelling & Developing Your Video

  • It Starts with Story
  • Selecting Your Subject
  • Defining Character Roles
  • Utilizing Primal Cravings
  • Psychological Schemas
  • Get to Know Your Viewer
  • The Moment of Ignition
  • The Resolution
  • Sending a Message
  • Creating a Beat Board
  • How to Make It Memorable
  • Story Checklist
  • Creating a Storyboard
  • Selecting Music





Intro to Editing

This unit is “Choose Your Own Adventure” where you can select between learning Adobe Premiere Pro or Davinci Resolve (or both!)

  • Organizing Files
  • Shortcut Keys & Cheat Sheet
  • Importing Media
  • Generating Proxy Files
  • The Project Panel / Project Settings
  • Creating a Sequence
  • The Source Panel / The Edit Page
  • Adding Clips to the Timeline
  • Creating a Rough Cut with Music
  • Timeline Tools
  • Rolling Edit and Audio Waveforms
  • Finding Lost Media
  • Adjusting Clip Speed / Clip Properties
  • Effect Controls Panel / The Inspector
  • Pasting Attributes
  • Adding Text
  • Exporting / Rendering





Technical & Technique

  • Choosing Your Focus Mode
  • Rack Focus Methods
  • Video White Balance
  • Using a Color Checker
  • Reading Waveforms
  • Reading the RGB Parade for White Balance and Color
  • Using False Color
  • Troubleshooting Exposure & Lighting
  • Video Formats and Codecs
  • Compression Standards
  • Audio Equipment
  • Recording Devices, Setting Gain and Using Multiple Microphones
  • Audio Best Practices and Techniques
  • 30 Degree Rule
  • Utilizing Camera Angles
  • Applying Camera Movements
  • Shooting for the Edit
  • Creating a Shot List
  • Video Shoot Checklist





Editing Leveling Up

Another “Choose Your Own Adventure” to learn next level skills in Adobe Premiere Pro or Davinci Resolve Tracks

  • Transitions and Special Effects
  • Editing Vertical Videos
  • Multipurposing Videos
  • Syncing Audio and Video
  • Introduction to Color Grading
  • Creating a Cohesive Look Across Your Video
  • Scopes for Color Correction





Full-Out Demos

Each demonstration includes a walk-through of the video ideation and storyboarding process, behind the scenes of the video shoot and the edit.

  • Simple Recipe Video Captured with One Camera
  • Vertical Recipe Video Captured with Two Cameras
  • Promotional Restaurant Video with an Interview
  • Creative Product Promotional Video





Stop Motion Animation and Dragonframe

Coming Fall 2024

I love free samples!

Click here

to watch an excerpt from one of the course lessons.

Free Upgrades for Life

Food in Motion includes
Lifetime Membership. Buy once and you’ll receive all future updates and additions at no extra cost.

And there’s a JUICY bonus!

Everyone who enrolls in July 2024 will receive three real life sample estimates from client video projects. I

Join the LIVE Events

For the July 2024 enrollment we’ll be hosting live Story Storming sessions for getting creative input on your video concepts and storylines. We’ll also celebrate your work in a live Food in Motion Film Festival!

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Includes lifetime access to all materials.
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If you sign up for the course and find it’s not for you, let us know in the first 30 days.
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Enrollment will be available to the public from July 11, 2024 – July 18. Enrollment will re-open again in September 2024.

The July 2024 enrollment is available for either a one-time payment of $450 or the payment plan which is 3 monthly payments of $160 USD.

Additional materials will be added to the course while enrollment is closed and the price will increase over time.

Since launching our very first course in 2018, we have never run sales or promotions and never will.

The price will go up in the future as more is added to the course. We do offer a monthly payment plan option for those on a budget!

Food photographers who feel comfortable shooting stills on a DSLR or mirrorless camera and are ready to learn video. Food bloggers, commercial photographers, will all gain valuable skills from this course.

People who want to learn to shoot videos with their phone. Though some concepts will be transferrable, particularly the storytelling unit of the course, the technical aspects of the course are aimed at DSLR and mirrorless photographers.

Yep! You will need to understand how to operate a camera in manual mode in order to get the most out of the course. If you need to learn manual, check out this video playlist on YouTube.

There is also a free Food Video 101 mini course for learning the fundamentals of video work that serves as an introduction to this course.

The total course includes 89 on-demand instructional videos, all ranging from 4 – 12 minutes in length. Each unit of the course takes approximately 90 to 120 minutes to complete and it’s learn at your own pace.

The content is created specifically with food photographers in mind though is also transferrable to product photographers.

You’ll see use of the gimbal in the restaurant demo and I touch on it briefly, but like a lot of tabletop video folks would agree, a gimbal is not the best tool for the job.

They’re helpful if you’re filming people, spaces, moving shots at events, but for food and product at close proximity, they’re a challenge and there are easier solutions.  

A better tool and what I demonstrate and recommend for moving shots is a pan and tilt head and a slider. I also show how handheld can also be much easier and more effective and techniques for both filming handheld as well as editing handheld footage.

You have lifetime access to all course materials, videos and the online community. Plus, you also will receive any future updates and additions to the course for your one-time purchase.

We’re here to help! In addition to being able to post questions in the community Activity Feed inside the course (not a Facebook group) where The Bite Shot pro team personally answers questions, you’re invited to attend Open Office Hours with the team, an opportunity to chat in real time over Zoom. Times and dates vary in order to accommodate different time zones.

You bet! If for any reason you find that this course isn’t what you had hoped, notify me within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.

If you’ve been putting off learning video,

today’s the best time to get started. The world needs to see the fabulous work that only YOU can create.


This course is currently under construction and enrollment will be open July 11 – 18, 2024.

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