Have you decided you want to learn how to make videos but not sure where to start?

From camera settings and gear to selecting the right editing software. It takes a lot more knowledge than simply flipping the camera into video mode.

Maybe you’re like so many food photographers, knowing that there are huge opportunities for you in artificial lighting, but you’re not sure where to start.

You could go about it like I did, buying a lot of the wrong stuff on the path to finally figuring out what works best for food photography.

Or you could buy what some Youtuber is using (yes, that includes me). But the problem with that is that what works well for one photographer won’t necessarily work for you.

Your unique needs and requirements (your budget, the type of work you do, location where you shoot) might make one light better for you than others.

There’s an easy way to get started in video

It’s all here!

Welcome to your official introduction to food videos.

By signing up, you’ll have access to my 9 part video series that walks through everything from:

  • Resolution and frame rate
  • Essential and optional gear
  • 180 degree shutter rule
  • Setting correct exposure for video
  • Selecting the right video editing software for your unique needs

Plus, I’ll walk you through my go-to setup for capturing recipe videos.

Additionally, this course is hosted inside The Bite Shot community. We encourage you to ask questions in the comments sections of lessons and in the Activity Feed where the support team is happy to assist.


I’m excited for you to begin your journey in video.

I hesitate to use bold statements, but it’s a skill that changed my life — and can change yours, too!

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Note: This mini course does require use of manual mode on a DSLR or mirrorless camera. If terms like aperture, shutter speed and ISO are brand new, we recommend starting here.

Get those lessons under your belt, then come on back to the mini course when you’re ready.

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