Props for Food Photography: Best Sources

We love to crowdsource around here! The Bite Shot Community generously shared their favorite sources for props to use in food photography. Below is a list (that we continue to add to!) of recommended sources for sourcing food photography props. We cover a wide range from budget options to pricier (and totally worth it!) artisans and rental options, too.

You’ll see that we also list where each source is based as consideration for shipping or shopping in person. However, I’m continually surprised at the affordability of some retailers to ship worldwide.

Have a recommendation that you don’t see below? E-mail us at support@thebiteshot.com so we can add your favorites!

Makers & Artisans

Handmade ceramics and tableware have a unique character that can add a lot of texture and visual interest to your scenes. These tend to cost more since they are handmade. But, they become a worthwhile investment when you find yourself using them frequently.

Notary Ceramics – Portland, Oregon USA

Taglifiero Ceramics – Talent, Oregon USA

The Freaky Raku – Venice, Italy

Farmhouse Pottery – Woodstock, Vermont USA

Nora Pottery Art – Tel Aviv, Israel

Table Threads – Australia

Nanase Design – Vancouver, Canada

Red Barn Pottery – Vermont, USA

East Fork Pottery – Asheville, North Carolina USA

HF Coors – Tucson, Arizona USA

Felt and Fat – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA

Rachel Green Pottery – USA

Fracture Goods – USA

RV Pottery – Nashville, Tennessee USA

KJ Pottery – Spokane, Washington USA

Nom Living – London, United Kingdom

Etsy is a marketplace for makers and artisans where you can find lots of unique ceramics and tableware.

Oregon Ceramics Showcase – annual event of local ceramics and pottery makers

Jono Pandolfi



Boutique Retail

These retailers do a wonderful job curating special, unique pieces and bringing them to one place. They offer up variety when it comes to types of goods and styles, but with the knowledge of independent artisans and unique wares.

Caravan Home – USA

Food 52 – USA

Schoolhouse – USA

Fodory – USA

Kitchen Kaboodle – USA

Magnolia – USA

Urbana – USA

Burke Decor – USA

The Prop Shop – Brazil

Sabre Paris – Worldwide

Lisa Angel UK – UK

Magic Linen – Worldwide

Antiques and Secondhand

Unique, vintage and previously loved wares can be found on the shelves of antiques, vintage and second-hand stores. Depending on where you live and where your stores are receiving items from these can be hit-or-miss, but they provide a great opportunity for treasure hunting!

Goodwill – USA

eBay – worldwide

Salvation Army – USA and Canada

Looses Emporium – UK

Syracuse Antiques – Syracuse, New York USA

Mother of Junk – Brooklyn, New York USA

Major Retailers

Larger retailers generally offer lower prices and are a good go-to for basics. Everyday homewares can serve as good staples in your props collection.

Target – USA

Crate & Barrel – USA


Pottery Barn – USA

HomeGoods – USA

World Market – USA

Michael’s – USA

Kroger Grocery – USA

H&M Home – USA

Zara Home – USA

West Elm – USA

Anthropologie – USA

Hobby Lobby – USA

Williams Sonoma – USA

EFavorMart – USA

Homesense / Winners / TJMaxx – Canada

Loblaws – Canada

Dollarama – Canada

GiFi – France

Maison du Monde – France

Centrakor – France

Casa – France


Live in a larger city? There might be a props rental house in your area. These shops give you the ability to rent props for a fee. This means more affordable access to a wide array of props. Too, you return the props after you’re done so you don’t have to figure out storage.

Prop Link LA – Los Angeles, CA

Plate and Patina – Los Angeles, CA

The Surface Library – Los Angeles, CA

Prop Workshop – New York, NY

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